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Positive and negative waterproofing against dampness and ground water as well as hydrostatic pressure. Repair any damp wall and reseal it with our professional waterproofing system.

Typical applications include: House walls interior and exterior, swimming pools, garages, basements, lift walls and tunnels, sewage tanks, effluent pits, reservoirs, canals, water towers, silos, subways, manholes, and pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete units.


Sealing, hardening and dustproofing of new and old hardened concrete floors. Typical applications include garages, warehouses, factories, and industrial units and all facilities where wear and dusting are problems.


Painting of any industrial and residential surface as needed. Typical applications include interior and exterior house walls, coating of floors, concrete surfaces, ablution blocks, showroom floors, hospitals, and schools.


Tiling of any interior and exterior surface as needed. Typical applications include interior and exterior residential tilling, and interior and exterior industrial tilling.


Concrete Repairs

Permanently repairing thin concrete. Typical applications include levelling and smoothing of rough or worn concrete, patching in thin concrete repairs from 6mm down to featheredge, rubbing concrete, filling in joints in concrete floors, floor underlays and levelling floors to receive carpets and vinyl tiles.

Joint Sealing

Sealing of both interior and exterior joints as well as hydrostatic joint areas of any surface like concrete, masonry, aluminium and wood. Typical applications include expansion walls, curtain wall construction, panel walls, precast units, aluminium and wood window frames, and fascia, parapets and other structural components.